Lincoln Powertec 305C PRO MIG Welder

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Premium arc, synergic style

The ready to weld package includes the Powertec 305C Pro machine, a 4 meter MIG torch, earth lead and earth clamp, and the gas connection kit with a regulator.

The Powertec® MIG Welder Pro’s are superior welders in all respects. Each of these machines produce an excellent Arc and very low spatter levels with both Argon mix and 100% CO2 shielding gas.
The extensive list of features on all Powertec® Pro’s includes 2/4-step, run-in, wire inch, gas purge and gas pre-flow. All machines are supplied as standard with digital volt and ammeter to provide welding output. The Powertec® pro’s are designed to support the welder at all levels. With synergic control adjusting the wire feed speed automatically, the welder can simply select the welding voltage and go. All three machines are provided with a powerful, rugged four-roll drive system.

  • Products developed with a focus on applications.
  • Superb Arc behaviour with Argon Mix and 100% CO2.
  • Voltage selectors with multiple steps for precise adjustment.
  • Excellent drive system with large diameter drive roll and powerful motor.
  • Electronic feedback system on the wire drive will guarantee consistent wire feed speed.
  • Equipped with large diameter wheels, push/pull bar and lifting eyes for full maneuverability.
  • Bright digital Voltage and Amperes meter.
  • Complete with an extensive set of features.
  • Meet IEC974-1, ROHS and CE standards for safety and reliability.

Flux-Cored, MIG

Base Unit includes:
4m-primary cable, Work clamp and cable assembly, Drive roll, Gas hose

Product Name Product Number Input Power Rated Output Current / Voltage / Duty Cycle Fuse Size Output Range Dimensions H x W x D (mm) Net Weight (kg)
Powertec 305C PRO K14057-1 230/400/3/50-60 280A/28V/40%
32A / 20A 30-280A 890 x 565 x 1060 145
Powertec 355C PRO K14058-1 230/400/3/50-60 350A/31,5V/40%
40A / 25A 30-350A 890 x 565 x 1060 147
Powertec 425C PRO K14059-1A 230/400/3/50-60 420A/35V/40%
63A / 32A 30-420A 890 x 565 x 1060 162


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Machine only, Ready to weld package