Lincoln Idealarc DC-1000 Submerged Arc Welder

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Multi Process Welder

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If an application requires pure welding power combined with multi-process power, then the Idealarc® DC-1000 with 1300 amps of smooth DC output is your best investment. Designed for Semi-automatic and Automatic welding, the precise control of the Idealarc® DC-1000 provides superior MIG, flux-cored, submerged-arc welding and excellent air carbon arc gouging with up to 16.0mm diameter carbons.

► 500 amp output connections provide enhanced arc characteristics for low amperage submerged arc and MIG welding procedures.
► Single range control for precise output control and easy operation.
► Low profile case allows installation of the DC-1000 under a work-bench and for stacking up to 2 machines to conserve floor space.
► Line voltage compensation maintains weld consistency, even with line voltage changes of ±10%.
► Electronic and thermostatic protection from current overload and excessive temperatures.
► Internal components including windings, rectifiers and circuit boards are coated to protect against the effects of moisture and corrosion.
► Recessed front panel protects operating controls.
► Meets IEC974-1 and CE standards for safety and reliability.

Product Number Product Name Input Power Rated Output Current/ Voltage/ Duty Cycle Fuse size Output



H x W x D (mm)

Net Weight


K1387-3 DC 1000 400/3-50-50 1140A/45V/60%


97A 150-1300A

Max. OCV: 60V

781 x 572 x 991 372.0