Cros-Arc 201MF 230v Multi Function Welder Mig/ Tig/ Arc

£619.99 Exc. V.A.T

Cros-Arc 201MF 230v Multi Function Welder Mig/ Tig/ Arc

£619.99 Exc. V.A.T




The CROS-ARC 201MF arc welder is a latest technology 230V Multi-function inverter based power source incorpo-rating full digital control of all welding parameters.
The CROS-ARC 201MF is fitted as standard with a VRD safety device, making it suitable for use in any working environment. It is ideal for welding a wide variety of materials in all sectors of industry.
Package Includes :
3 Metre 150A MIG Torch
4 Metre WT17V-12 TIG Torch
3 metre MMA Leads
Gas Hose
Part no. CAP0252

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Customer ReviewsWelding Day Course


Max 12/12/2020

Felt Very Safe

Ben H 26/9/2020

More than adequate

Darren B 22/7/2020

spot on !!

Dan S 22/7/2020

They were perfect, very difficult in these circumstances. i am so grateful the course ran.

Rob R 22/7/2020

All PPE and sanitizers provided, as well as extra precautions which made me feel very comfortable, allowing me to enjoy the course to its full potential despite the difficult circumstances  


Heath And Safety Specific Course

Edward D 01/10/20

The course was reccomended by another school and I was very impressed with the course content as it was suiting to all standards.

AN OTHER 01/10/20

The course content was good and clear as well as all COVID precautions being taken.


Sam D 12/12/2020

Very informative, Well Explained, Great fun ! thankyou Dave !

Steve F 12/12/2020

Even pace, Very helpful with lots of practical

Louis W 24/10/20

Very Informative considering the amount of time we had

Hedley S 17/10/20

Very useful advice regarding health and safety, the tuition gave me plenty of confidence. Don't change anything on the course

Stuart L 17/10/20

Brilliant, thoroughly enjoyed the day. 

Guy H 17/10/20

Excellent, Very straightforward to book. 

Martin R 25/1/20

perfect for a complete beginner like me, Very educational and fun! brilliant day would recommend to everyone !

Neil C 25/01/20

Excellent day for beginners as well as refreshing an old skill.

Neil S 25/01/20

Fantastic day, Very good! many thanks

Gary C 25/1/20

Very easy to book, jut the right amount of content, really enjoyed the day

Dean N 07/12/19

Perfect start to welding, I had no idea how to weld to become competent, really enjoyed the day.

Five *****'s

Charled Du P 07/12/19

Superb Course Content, good facility.

David is a great instructor

I went into the course without any knowledge of how to weld and I left Allied Welding confident that I could set up a machine and start welding on my own. I  liked that we were given plenty of time and consumables to practice with and David is generous in his 1 to 1 time with you. He is also very clear and succinct in his teaching style and I learnt a lot, thank you.

Five *****'s

Peter B - *17/03/18

Really Easy to book, fantastic course content

Stephen P - 21/9/19

Covered a lot of course content with a perfect balance of practical and theory 

Ozzie O - 21-09-2019

Very Easy to book course, plenty of welding time

Dean S - 21/9/19

The course was pitched perfectly and enabled me to go from never welding to being confident to go away and have a go

Richard B - 21/09/19

David was a truly excellent teacher and gave me a great introduction to welding

Martin C - 5/10/19

Excellent.  Really good pace and helpful instructions along the way, the information provided with clear and in depth. Really friendly and helpful instructor.

Billy A - 05/10/19

in a word EXCELLENT

Paul C - 11/5/19

Amazing, loved it! was very informative

Donna W - 12/10/19

I have welded prior to this but learned a huge amount definitely improving my welding 

Simon E - 12/10/19

Relaxed Environment making it very easy to learn in, very informative, Great Advice

Andrew W - 26/10/19

Excellent introduction to welding and only took one phone call to book

Granville H 10/7/19

Very Good, Just the right level for a beginner.  5 Stars

William L 6/7/19

Easy to book, really enjoyed the personalized instruction 

Mark M 6/7/19

Learned loads more than expected in a lovely clean workshop

Pete H 10/7/19

Great mixture of stick/mig welding and plenty of practical advice

Leila E 10/7/19

It was a perfect course

Forbes B - 11/5/19

Best training i have booked, very thorough on what we were learning and made me confident in welding

Peter B - 11/5/19

Excellent content, learned a lot ! 

Mark A - 06/04/19

Straight forward to book with all information given in the welcome pack. Dave is an excellent teacher and very clear

Rhian J -*16/03/19

An excellent day! Much better than I expected. Came away confident and ready to start work on my car tomorrow. After having many failed attempts at home, David showed me where I was going wrong and I left a confident welder.

Andrew J - *30/06/18

The course is very good and helpful. I had a great day and has opened up my options for college.

Louie B - *05/01/19

The course was fantastic! It was exactly as expected and really hard to fault. A great tutor, I learnt a lot. 

Tim K - *05/01/19

The course was extremely helpful and very thorough. I would come along again for a TIG course.

Matthew J - *05/01/19

Everything was very good. Really enjoyed the day.

Eddie S - *05/01/19

Perfect for my wishes

Matt H - *05/01/19

Peter L - *1/12/18

Very Easy to book the course, we covered the basics very well and were able to take some of the work we did home such as an aeroplane. 

Chas R - *1/12/18

Very easy to book and an excellent introduction 'Welding 1.0.1 as the Americans would say'. Little room if any for improvement on the course.

Mark W - *1/12/18

Very Easy to book and the course content was discussed over the phone making it clear what was available. The day made welding very easy to understand by starting with the basics and building on that. More courses would be good as availability is limited. The tutor taking the course was absolutely excellent. 

Went with no experience and struggled at the start. But with excellent tuition I was doing great welds by the end of the day.

Jamie H - *22/09/18

The course was brilliant! The right pace, progressive, and well explained. Great range of discounted items on sale as well.

Arya N - * 17/11/18

The course was excellent and i loved it. The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. 

Richard G - *17/11/18

The telephone advice i received before the course was excellent. The facility was excellent with all new equipment as well as a brilliant instructor on hand to help all day.

Melanie B - *17/11/18

Absolutely fantastic, thoroughly enjoyed myself! Thank you so much.

Gareth H - *3/11/18

Very informative and well presented course as well as being easy to book.

Alex B -* 3/11/18

Fantastic course, really helpful and attentive tutor, overall excellent.

Taylor D - 03/11/2018

Very good course, have learned and progressed a lot in just 1 day. Thanks to this course i now enjoy welding and look forward to weld more.

  Vicky - 03/11/18

Nice and detailed tuition and course. i really enjoyed the relaxed approach to the day and would recommend it to others

Terry W - *20/10/18

The course content was excellent with continued support. It was very informative and ran at a good pace. Highly Recommend

Richard B-  *20/10/18 

The day was very easy to book and received 2 follow up phone calls as well as a good briefing before I came. The Tutor was brilliant and gave me confidence to all aspects.

Robert R - *20/10/18

The course was brilliant and much more than i expected. Had a Great enjoyable day and am very happy with the skills i learned.

John G - *06/10/18

Booked in store as I live locally. I thought the course was superb, with the right amount of technical knowledge taught. David is a fantastic teacher, relaxed and very helpful.

Jerry R - *06/10/18

The course was brilliant. Covered everything I wanted to know at a reasonable pace.

Keith H - *06/10/18

The course was extremely good. The content and the pace was just right. I can't suggest anything, it was excellent. 

John S - *06/10/18

A first class A++ welding course. Course was driven by individual requirements, the best way too learn!! Would 100% recommend.

Tony S - *06/10/18

I left my details with Allied Welding and they called me back when a date became available. The course was excellent. David was very helpful, informative, and extremely flexible. I felt a lot more comfortable tackling welding jobs by the end of the day.

Oyinda A - *22/09/18

The course is absolutely brilliant and there's nothing that could be improved on.

Richard C - *22/09/18

Went with no experience and struggled at the start. But with excellent tuition I was doing great welds by the end of the day.

Jamie H - *22/09/18

The course content was very good and very full, a lot was covered. David was great help.

Alan S - *22/09/18

A very informative course.

Stephen H - *22/09/2018

A fantastic course that's structured really well. A very enjoyable day, I learnt a lot, and I will be in touch for a welder. You could perhaps put a vice on the work bench?

Nathan T - 1/09/18

The course is perfect for first time welders, I'd be interested in doing any further course you run.

Alex C - 1/09/18

The course content was brilliant, everything was adequate and above and I would recommend thoroughly to all.

Andy c - 1/09/18

The course is good and very hands on. I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you.

Trevor P - 1/09/18

I really enjoyed the day. David is a great teacher and the course is excellent.

Jim G - 01/09/2018

This was a Christmas gift for me and I thought it was a great day with fantastic content. David is a patient teacher (he needed to be!) and he even loaned me his welding helmet. The environment was relaxed and comfortable and I now know how to weld!

Lee M - *14/07/18

The course is great, gave me not only knowledge but confidence too. Really enjoyed the day, couldn't have asked for better. Would highly recommend. 

*Chris F - *14/07/18

Excellent tuition, a nice sized group to learn with, and great facilities.

Fin C - *14/07/18

I enjoyed the course very much. Packed with information and lots of practical. Thank you, Dave!

Mary F - *14/07/18

The course was brilliant! Exactly what I was looking for. A great set up with the majority of time spent doing hands on welding. Could have tolerated a little bit more time spent on classroom type theory, e.g. mixing metals.

Tom D - *30/06/18

The course content was very good, covered everything required. No improvements that I can think of.

Rob L - 30/06/18

I shop at Allied Welding and I saw an advertisement in store. I thought the course was very good, I had no previous experience and I am now confident to go away and complete small jobs.

Lloyd H - *30/06/18

This was a birthday present from my wife. I thought the course was an excellent introduction and a great confidence builder. The work space was very clean, a pleasant area to work in. 

Ben S - *30/06/18

A very thorough and interesting day. Dave is extremely patient and always gets straight to the point, a great teacher. An all round great experience, might even do it again.

Neil M - *19/05/18

I was not expecting to be able to Arc and MIG weld after just one day. David is a very professional and knowledgeable host, taking time to answer and explain all questions. Also, thank you for helping me with my exhaust bracket, appreciated.

Steve K - *09/06/18

Perfect explanations and very helpful. We got stuck in right away, I loved it!. Dave is a great teacher and put me through my paces while also stopping to explain and show corrections where necessary.

Alex C - *9/06/18

The course was excellent, perfect for the work I need to do on my land rover. There's nothing that needs improving, the course was as advertised, and David provided support and assistance all day.

Nathan F - *09/06/18

The atmosphere was informal and friendly and I really enjoyed the day, perfect for a beginner like me.

John M - *09/06/18

An excellent and informative day. Plenty  of hands on practice with constant help and advice. 

Andrew H - *19/06/18 

An excellent course, nothing could be improved.

Brian W - *19/05/18

Very interesting and enjoyable!

Conrad V - *19/05/18

The course content covered more than enough for me and can't be improved. A really enjoyable today.

Andrew E - *19/05/18

The course was excellent and there's nothing I can think of that needs improving.

Nicholas K - *19/05/18

Found the welding course on the internet and my husband and I found it very easy to book ourselves on, the staff had great communication. The course itself was fantastic, just the right amount to learn, a new hobby for us both!

Jennie and Jeremy H - * 21/04/18

I was told I could go on the course by my work and I'm happy I did. David is a fantastic teacher giving us a brilliant, in-depth understanding of how to weld.

Matt M - *21/04/18

Found out about the course through work. I thought the course content was superb and very hands on. I can't think of anything that needs improving.

Frank S - *21/04/18

I saw the welding course on the internet and I thought the course was excellent, thank you.

Martyn C - *21/04/18

A friend recommend I go on Allied Welding's 1 day welding course. I thought the course content was interesting and informative and the day itself was informal and enjoyable. Very happy with the the course.

Brian W - *17/03/18

My employers sent me on the course and what a great day it turned out to be. The course was run really well, I learnt a lot, and would recommend to anyone who is interested in learning to weld. Thank you.

Steven B - *17/03/18

An excellent beginner course which provides a great intro into Arc and MIG welding. A concise handout sheet of the content covered would make a great improvement to the course content.

Ellis J - *17/03/18

Saw the course advertised on the internet and thought the course was very good. The tutor gave excellent explanations when covering the content to the group and when instructing 1 on 1 in the welding bay.

George B - *17/03/18

Discovered the course with an internet search and it was very easy to book the day through helpful staff. The course offered a comprehensive overview of the welding techniques with a plentiful supply of material to practice with. I'd like to add that the tuition was very good and assistance was constantly provided.

Roger Moore - *24/02/18

Heard about the course through a friend that does business with Allied Welding. I thought the course provided a very good introduction to the joints used in welding and the welding techniques. I really enjoyed the day, thank you.

Gary England - *24/02/18

Saw an advertisement online and it was easy to book. The course was well explained and conducted in a way that made the concepts easy to understand.

Toms - *24/2/18v

Booked the course via the internet which was easy to book. The course was really good and there is nothing I can think of that could be improved.

Luke Neeham - *24/02/18

Head about the course on the Trading Estate and easily booked in store. I really enjoyed the course and thought the course content was very good and made easy to understand.

Stewart - *24/02/18

Very easily booked the course online after googling 'Welding courses in Essex'. The Welding School was ideal and exactly what I was looking for. The day was structured to be hands on, providing plenty of time for practicing which was what I needed. As a beginner, I can't think of any way the course could be improved.

Steve Bennett - *20/01/18

Saw an advertisement for the Welding school in the shop and very easily booked myself in. I thought the course was fantastic and a great confidence builder. There is nothing I can think of to improve upon.

Micky Barnes - *20/01/18

Easily booked the Welding School after hearing about it in the shop. The course was very good and I learnt a lot; exactly what I was looking for.

Ian Barnes - *20/01/18

I frequently buy welding supplies from the shop for the business and heard about the Welding School and easily booked myself when in the shop. I am very impressed with the day school and will definitely be booking my engineers in to learn how to weld.

Philip Edwards - *20/01/18

Found it easy to book after I saw an advertisement on the internet. I thought the content of the course was excellent. There's nothing I can think of that needs improving. Thank you for a great day.

Andy Tamlin - *18/11/17

Heard about the course through Crafts and easily booked myself in on the internet. The day was very good, well equipped and covered all aspects of what is required for multiple types of welding.

Anon - *18/11/17

Saw an advertisement at a burger bar and came into the shop to book myself in which was very easy. The course was very good, allowing me to work at my own pace with an excellent instructor.

What could we improve on? Holders for the welding rod.

K. Buckley - *14/10/17

Heard about the course on Craft Course which was very easy to book. The course provided comprehensive safety guidelines relating to the machines, how they worked, and how to use them.

What could we improve on? Better holder for the ARC welder.

J. Eagle - *14/10/17

Saw the course advertised in the shop and booked myself in there and then. The course tutor was excellent at getting information across and covered everything that I needed to learn.

What could we improve on? Not much at all. Very good considering the time frame.

D. Ponton - *14/10/17

I heard about the course through a recommendation, the content was quite vast and I really enjoyed learning about the different types of welding.

What could we improve on? Everything was perfect, I can not think of any improvements.

J.Green  -*30/09/2017

I booked the course on the internet, it was very easy to book. The course was brilliant, I thought it was really informative and the tuition was excellent, I did not feel out of my depth which I was worried about.

What could we improve on? Nothing

N. Avery  -*30/09/2017

I booked the course in the shop this was a very easy process, I just asked at the counter. It was a good short course, which gave exposure to MMA and MIG, it gave me confidence as a beginner.

What could we improve on? nothing that I can think of.

J. Burland  -*30/09/2017

I The course was easy to book online. I enjoyed the day, it was great.  What could we improve on? Nothing

Other comments: Great tuition

G. Eastman  -*30/09/2017

Friendly, helpful staff. This course is ideal to get the feel of welding, a taster for further progression.

Many thanks for the excellent course. Really appreciate all the hard work and the set-up.

What could we improve on? - Just right as it is           -*9/9/17*-

This course was easy to book. The day was nicely paced and gave me the confidence to use the equipment. When I made mistakes the instructor gave positive feedback on how to improve. I had a great day and hope to see courses for other types of welding soon. I enjoyed myself, and it gave me the confidence to have a go.

What could we improve on? perhaps taster days for other types of welding, TIG OXY Etc.


Easy to book this course online. Thanks for a great day it was perfect for me, It was hands on and gave me a taste of what welding is about. The day was good fun. Great hosting you took care of everything. Tank you

What could we improve on? Nothing, perfect