Anti Splatter Spray NEW & AMAZING ESAB 600ml

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The main purpose of an anti spatter product is to prevent spatter and molten metal from sticking to the work piece. The concentration of the active substances and the ability to withstand high temperature determine the performance of the product.The Aristo Fluid offers an extremely strong formula, up to three times stronger than most products on the market today. Yet its residue is easily cleanable with water and imposes no issues with any after treatment.The Aristo Fluid has an extreme ability to withstand high temperatures. Therefore it’s active for a longer period of welding. No dangerous or harmful substances 100% solvent free, ESAB Pre-Weld anti spatter spray offers incomparable weld spatter protection. It does not evaporate off the work piece as with water based fluids, yet gives extraordinary protection and can be painted over without any further preparation.

With a patented valve release system 99.9% of the contents are used, making it extremely efficient and cost effective when compared to conventional aerosol sprays.

You won’t use anything else once you’ve tried it!

The highest concentration – Minimises the need for post weld cleaning of the work piece Improved heat resistance – Active during longer welds.

Bag On Valve – Spray in any angle and utilise all the liquid.

Contains no silicon – The residues are water soluble and imposes no issues during after treatments.

Safe – The fluid is propelled by pure air – No flammable gases.

Corrosion resistance – The Aristo fluid contains corrosion inhibitors.

Coloured fluid – to help prevent over spray

The Bag On Valve system (BOV) The Aristo Fluid 600 ml can is equipped with a Bag On Valve system (BOV) ensuring:
• 360° spray in any angle – 100% Utilisation of the liquid.
• A fine mist – No forming of water droplets on the work piece.
• Pure air propellant – No flammable gases

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