Found it easy to book after I saw an advertisement on the internet. I thought the content of the course was excellent.

What could we improve on? There’s nothing I can think of that needs improving. Thank you for a great day.

Andy Tamlin – *18/11/17

Heard about the course through Crafts and easily booked myself in on the internet. The day was very good, well equipped and covered all aspects of what is required for multiple types of welding.

What could we improve on? Nothing

Anon – *18/11/17
Saw an advertisement at a burger bar and came into the shop to book myself in which was very easy. The course was very good, allowing me to work at my own pace with an excellent instructor.

What could we improve on? Holders for the welding rod.

K. Buckley – *14/10/17

Heard about the course on Craft Course which was very easy to book. The course provided comprehensive safety guidelines relating to the machines, how they worked, and how to use them.

What could we improve on? Better holder for the ARC welder.

J. Eagle – *14/10/17

Saw the course advertised in the shop and booked myself in there and then. The course tutor was excellent at getting information across and covered everything that I needed to learn.

What could we improve on? Not much at all. Very good considering the time frame.

D. Ponton – *14/10/17

I heard about the course through a recommendation, the content covered was0 vast and I really enjoyed learning about the different types of welding.

What could we improve on? Everything was perfect, I can not think of any improvements.

J.Green  -*30/09/2017


I found the course on the internet, very easy to book. I thought the course was brilliant, really informative, and the tuition was excellent. I did not feel out of my depth which I was worried about.

What could we improve on? Nothing.

N. Avery  -*30/09/2017


I booked the course in the shop, this was a very easy process, simply asked at the counter. It was a good short course, which gave exposure to MMA and MIG. The course has given me a lot of confidence.

What could we improve on? Nothing that I can think of.

J. Burland  -*30/09/2017


I The course was easy to book online. I enjoyed the day, it was great.

What could we improve on? Nothing.

Other comments: Great tuition

G. Eastman  -*30/09/2017


Friendly, helpful staff. This course is ideal to get the feel of welding, a taster for further progression.

Many thanks for the excellent course. Really appreciate all the hard work and set-up.

What could we improve on? – Just right as it is.


This course was easy to book. The day was nicely paced and gave me the confidence to use the equipment. When I made mistakes the instructor gave the necessary feedback on how to improve. I had a great day and hope to see courses for other types of welding soon. I enjoyed myself, and it has now given me the confidence to have a go.

What could we improve on? Perhaps taster days for other types of welding, TIG OXY Etc.


Easy to book this course online. Thanks for a great day it was perfect for me, It was hands on and gave me a taste of what welding is about. The day was good fun. Great hosting you took care of everything. Tank you

What could we improve on? Nothing, perfect


Welcome to Allied Welding’s Customer Reviews.

We have copied a selection of feed back from our customers which you can see below:

For our Welding Day Course we received the following feedback and wanted to share this with you:

Friendly helpful staff, Ideal to get the feel of it, a taster for further progression. Many thanks for the excellent course really appreciate all the hard work and set-up -*9/9/17*-

Easy to book. For beginners, day was about paced nice, gave me confidence to use the equipment and feedback from instructor where making mistakes and how to improve. Great day look forward to courses for other types of welding. I enjoyed myself, and it gave confidence to have a go. -*9/9/17*-

Easy to book Thanks, Perfect for me, I had hand on and I know how this taste. Good Fun. Great hosting you take care of everything. Tank you -*9/9/17*-

(original paper copies will be made available to you in our shop)

General feed back continued…

“I wanted a new plasma cutter but wasn’t sure which was best so I went to Allied Welding and they talked me through the options. Very impressive service and I was happy with what I bought as a result. Go and see them if you get a chance!”

– Mr Wallace, Basildon


“We regularly go to Allied for consumables and small supplies as they run a convenient and professional business. They have most items we need and if they don’t have what we want in stock, they get it in quickly.”

– Memorial Service Ltd, Benfleet


“Having used Allied Welding’s old website and been pleased with my purchases, I was pleasantly surprised to see they’ve upgraded and made the site easier and clearer to use. The sales experience was great anyway and now it’s even better!”

– Mr Partner, Hastings


“One thing I like about Allied Welding is that they are on hand to answer any questions about their products and what they can get in stock. It’s worth the time to get this kind of attention in person.”

– Mr Wills John Wills Property, Wickford


“A good range online (very convenient) with a much bigger one in store. Best of both worlds.”

– Mr Duffell, Brighton


“If you’re going to spend a lot of money on a new machine, you need to know that you’re buying from the right person. Dave knows his welding and has been in the business for long enough to make me confident about trusting him with my money each time. The before sales and after sales support are both helpful.”

– Mr Aldridge, Benfleet